Medusa Legend

Similar to the infamous game Diablo in the sense that it features warriors with a wide variety of classes and abilities. In the game, player characters can deal a lot of damage by using powerful skills like Zhurijianfa (The Chasing Sun Sword Technique), Liehuojianfa (The Blazing Sword Technique), and Kaitianzhan (The Sky Slashing), along with two powerful secondary skills like Poisoning and Stealth, which will ensure an excellent gaming experience whether you're fighting Bosses or other players. All of the districts in the game are brand new, and they are teeming with eager players eager to immerse themselves in our world! Additionally, various types of Equipment, Yuanbao (gold ingots), Lingfu (Paper Talismans), and other materials are all available for free in-game!

Immortal Dreams

A departure from the traditional Xianxia gameplay theme. Our game has a real-time combat mechanism, dynamic weather, unique NPC interaction tasks, smooth combats, and high definition graphics! Cross-server alliance battles and a slew of other special features promise to whisk you away to a world where immortality is a reality. There are also awesome weapons, cool outfits, and a variety of personalized mounts to ride. Chat with other players to make friends, or look for your other half to join you on this journey and participate in the raids. The road to immortality awaits you, and by pushing forward, you can become a legend!